Adventure Biking

In midst of the Weser Uplands lies nature park „Solling-Vogler”. It is the perfect region for mountain biking. The route network with 760 kilometres consists of 15 well-signposted circular tours.

Solling-Funpark between Merxhausen and Hellental is the Eldorado for downhill bikers – on two downhill trails, a fun cross route and a dirt line fun is unlimited. The park offers bikes or equipment for rent.

The Solling FunPark offers:

1. Dual slalom course
Challenging, swift track, approx. 400m with diversified routes with s-turns, jump hills, tables etc.

2. Downhill
Several downhill tracks up to 800m length, expandable for events (into the nearby national forest) to more than 2km length, many road gaps, drops and kickers, demanding narrow trails through high forest and coppice, steep turns, steps and calculous fields. There are very fast parts, but also shallow parts demanding muscle power in the legs for extra speed. Difference in altitude 90m – with national forest up to 150m.

3. 4x Cross

4. Jump trail / dirt line

5. Funride trails
Take the shuttle to “Große Blöße”, the highest peak in the Solling Uplands with 528m. Then drive down over single trails and gravel forest trails into the “Solling FunPark”.

6. North Shore Trails
Quite a few metres of North Shore Trails are constantly being optimised and rebuilt

7. Cross Country
Route maps for the best routes through the nature park Solling-Vogler and through the uplands of Holzberg and Amtsberge. Trail passages riddled with roots, short downhill passages, challenging rocky and stony fields and long exhausting slopes will be in your way. On request you can also book guided tours for every challenge level.

Darüber hinaus haben wir folgende lohnende Touren zusammengestellt:


MTB_Weserauen-Tour_mittel MTB_Durch den Hochsolling_schwer